Hey, I’m Emily!

Welcome to my hobby blog where I share my craft and recipe tutorials! Want to know more about me or A Pop of Red? READ ON!

Emily Udell from Share Your Career and A Pop of Red

About Me

I grew up in a small city north of Toronto, in cottage country. I grew up with three siblings in a big white house complete with garage and garden. Since our parents often put us to work on various projects we all became makers in our own way. Much of my quirkiness also comes from my family, especially my siblings. We are a crazy bunch but that makes life fun!

I moved to Ottawa in September of 2010 to attend university but fell in love with the city and now it is home. Along for the ride is my husband Mark and our puppy Zeke.

Oh, and as of this year, I’m starting a new online adventure with Share Your Career. My goal is to help young people find their dream career by interview people with various jobs to really showcase what those careers are like.

Our wedding day - Red dress for A Pop of Red

My Making

I love to make things, anything really. Sewing, paper crafting, woodworking, jewellery making, wire wrapping, cooking, baking, mountain climbing, and so much more. Whatever I make or do is usually more of an experiment. I am not a master at anything. Until recently I couldn’t crack an egg, my bobbin and I have a love/hate relationship, and my craft box is filled with memories of failed projects. But I laugh at all the failures and enjoy the experimentation process. Here on A Pop of Red, you will see the experiments that worked out and that I want YOU to experiment with!

Dog toy DIY - Fabric block with ribbons


A Pop of Red

Why the name “A Pop of Red?” Well, I decided to pick something meaningful to me and something I enjoyed. 

A Pop of Red is present in my life in various ways. It is my favourite accent colour. The highlight of my living room is a red couch. The highlight of my wardrobe is my red dresses. In my kitchen, red pots and pans! A Pop of Red also reflects my philosophy of injecting energy into the every day and being daring when making decisions.

Where to start?

Looking for recipes? I suggest my Avocado Brownies, Lemon Oatmeal Cookies, or Beef and Bacon Chili.

More a crafts person? Check out the Beauty and the Beast Mug, Mini Journal, or Popsicle Stick Necklaces.

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