This month, I was able to combine three items from my craft stash to create a new decor item: all-seasons burlap flower decor!

Then I burnt myself.

DIY all-season burlap flower decor

Well, that is the short version of my story. So if you want to skip ahead to the tutorial, feel free to scroll down now. Otherwise, read on my friend!

Originally, I was going to sew a shark plushie this month because a co-worker asked me to recreate a giant one she has. I figured I could test out my design on a smaller scale and share it with you as my craft tutorial for the month. While I finished the design and it was coming together nicely, I hit a crafting block mid-month and had trouble focusing on it. All of a sudden, it was the weekend before this month’s craft challenge was due!

So I decided to use up some burlap that has been sitting around for a while and since it is autumn, I figured the timing was right anyway. Then I saw my leftover pipe cleaners sitting nearby and thought I could use them too. In fact, I could combine them into small burlap flowers. A quick and easy craft for the weekend, no problem!

Perfect autumn craft - burlap flowers

But there was a problem. I burnt myself because I was working too fast.

While using hot glue to wrap the burlap and attach it to the pipe cleaner base, some glue transferred to my fingertips. I quickly picked it off of each finger but was not fast enough. My thumb burned from the heat of the glue.

Normally, an ice pack or two clears up the issue, but not this time. We are having a heatwave and my room was boiling. So my ice packs melted, my thumb throbbed, and the burn felt even worse. Crafting and typing became painful so I decided to stop after the second of ten planned flowers.

Now, I am typing this up (on Monday, when this post is due to go up on the blog), taking photos of the half-finished project in poor lighting, and holding off on finishing until my thumb is healed. I don’t want to aggravate it any more than I have!

So this is my September Craft Challenge where I mixed scrap burlap, leftover pipe cleaners, and painted baby food jars into all-seasons burlap flower decor. If you want to make it yourself, BE SAFE, and follow the instructions below.

All-season burlap flower decor

All-seasons burlap flower decor


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Strips of burlap
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Baby food jars, painted


  1. Take one end of a pipe cleaner and turn it into a tight spiral. About 1 inch from the spiral, form a leaf shape. The pipe cleaner will be the stem of the burlap flower.
  2. Use hot glue to attach the burlap to the spiral part of the pipe cleaner stem. Start in the centre and slowly wrap the burlap into a loose flower shape (rose-like). Be careful with the glue because it can seep through the fabric!
  3. Place the flowers you make into baby food jars painted to match your seasonal decor!

Craft Challenge

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All-season burlap flower decor

Burlap Flower Decor – Quick & Easy – Craft Challenge 2017
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