Let’s take a visit to grandma’s house. Or more specifically a trip down memory lane to my Gramma’s house. Stick around and find a simple and delicious recipe at the bottom of the post (or another one for pumpkin muffins here)!

Traditional Dutch Food - Hagelslag

“Hop in the car, it’s time to go!” In we three kids scramble and we are off on a quick drive through the countryside. The oddly refreshing smell of manure (yes I am weird), pretend claims to horses as we pass by, and the occasional car game. Before we know it…we see Gramma’s house.

We walk in, kick off our shoes, and there she is welcoming us with hugs before heading to the living room or dining table.

If she goes to the living room it means one of two things: either curling or the daily mass is on the TV. As for the dining room, either she is there sipping on a cup of tea or is playing cards with some relatives.

Now, as all my family would likely agree, the best part of visiting Gramma (if you timed it right) is the next part: The invitation for a bite of lunch!

Now Gramma always offered us more than one option but it usually boils down to two options. And the childhood favourite? Chocolate hail sandwiches!

Fun lunch idea - chocolate hail sandwich or Hagelslag

Now unbeknownst to younger me, chocolate hail is actually a common dish from the Netherlands called hagelslag. Put simply, chocolate hail sandwiches are bread (toasting is optional), butter, and chocolate sprinkles.

That is it.

So young me, not knowing the cultural links of the meal, just thought Gramma was awesome for feeding us chocolate…all…the…time. Regardless, this is still a great memory and a great treat.

Now, if you want to make it yourself, here is a little how-to.

Chocolate Hail Sandwiches - Hagelslag

Chocolate Hail Sandwiches (Hagelslag)

  1. Grab a slice of bread. Any kind of bread will do but I find it tastes best with a nice thick cut white bread. You can toast it if you like but I suggest only a light toast.
  2. Liberally spread butter on one side of the bread slice. I say liberally because the more you add, the more chocolate sticks!
  3. Spoon on some chocolate sprinkles (like these ones from de Rijter) and spread to cover the slice.
  4. Leave as an open faced sandwich and enjoy!

Thank you Gramma for all the memories and chocolate filled lunches. We all miss you! In memory of my Gramma who passed away this Spring.

Chocolate Hail Sandwiches - Simple lunches

Chocolate Hail Sandwiches (AKA Hagelslag)
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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Hail Sandwiches (AKA Hagelslag)

  • October 24, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    I’m very excited to try this! It sounded pretty weird at first, but the more I think about it, who doesn’t love chocolate and butter?

    • November 1, 2015 at 8:45 pm

      Very true! Everyone (or most) loves them and it is such a simple way of combining the two.


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