DIY Baby Block Toy. A simple and effective way to clean out your fabric stash and make a bunch of gifts with one craft!

DIY Fabric Baby Blocks
The Craft Challenge is back and better than ever! With 8 bloggers, a year-long stash busting theme, and monthly live videos, this is sure to be an inspiring craft year. And today, I (along with the other 7 bloggers) share our first craft tutorials!

Craft Challenge

My first tutorial is a DIY Baby Block Toy.

Or dog toys…apparently my niece though the dog would like them better…he did.

Stashbusting sewing craft - baby blocks

If you tuned into my live video on New Year’s Day (warning: super awkward video), you would have seen me select scrap fabric as the craft item I would use in this month’s tutorial. I quickly ran into a roadblock…I had thrown out all my scrap fabric while tidying my craft room. Instead, I thought I would use some ‘not-my-style’ quilting fabric. After a few ideas not coming together, I moved on.

Thankfully, while cleaning my craft room again, I found my work-in-progress collection. And voila! I had a bunch of pre-cut fabric squares ready to use for making a DIY baby block toy (or multiple)!

Lets make baby block toys - A Pop of Red

I originally wanted to make the toys when the first of my 3 nieces was born as I did with my Clown Fish Plushies. Clearly, that didn’t happen. So, while my one niece (let’s call her Lolo for now) was visiting for two weeks, I decided it was perfect timing to try out this abandoned project.

Lolo quickly decided that is was far more fun to give the baby block toys to the dog, her partner in crime. So while these are meant to be baby toys, they are definitely dog-approved as well!

Dog toy DIY - Fabric block with ribbons

DIY Baby Block Toy


Six 4”/10cm squares of fabric
Assorted ribbon

Fabric baby block toys - Craft tutorial


  1. Place two squares of fabric with right sides together and sew along one edge. If you like, add a ribbon between the to-be-sewn edge with the tail ends to be sewn with the fabric.
  2. Continue to combine the fabric into a cube. I will not give specifics but this is the 2-d shape you need (not to scale), then connect the exposed edges from there into a 3-d cube. Leave one side unsewn.
  3. Turn right side out and fill with stuffing through the unsewn side.
  4. Once stuffed, use an invisible stitch to close the last side.
  5. Give to a baby or puppy and watch them enjoy their new block toy.

Stashbusting sewing craft - DIY baby block toy

More Inspiration

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DIY Baby Block Toy Sewing Craft

DIY Baby Block Toy – Craft Challenge 2017 – Scrap busting fabric!
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5 thoughts on “DIY Baby Block Toy – Craft Challenge 2017 – Scrap busting fabric!

  • January 30, 2017 at 11:37 am

    I love your blocks, especially with the addition of the ribbons! Babies go crazy for tags on toys-what a great idea!

    • January 31, 2017 at 3:57 pm

      Yes, in fact, my sister’s only suggestion…MORE TAGS! Haha. I will be making more for my other nieces and will be adding more to each of theirs.

  • January 30, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Love these blocks- my little one would love the ribbons on them!

  • February 1, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Love these – my kids would have loved them too. My kids liked all sorts of different textured ribbons too. I’d like to make these for baby presents – thanks for showing me how!


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