Too late to post something for Halloween? I don’t need your alternative facts! I already have a fake news costume.

Fake news costume - a vest made from newspaper

Okay fine, I am very late on posting anything Halloween related but there is always next year! I just had to start with a little dig at the idea of fake news which is what inspired my Halloween costume.

The terms fake news and alternative facts have dominated this year. I will not get into the politics of it, but the fact is these terms are EVERYWHERE. So I decided to try to be funny and make a fake news costume for Halloween.

While I typically share more detailed tutorials, this post will be more of a general overview of how I created my fake news costume. Since I worked with newspaper, it is not a precise art. It would also be hard for me to give you measurements because I winged it at every turn, plus it is not a one size fits all costume.

DIY Fake News Costume

DIY Fake News Costume

Materials & Tools

  • Newspapers
  • Embroidery string, red recommended
  • Scotch or duct tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Large sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Markers, red and black recommended

Essential Steps for making Clothes from Newspaper

Start by taking two full pages of a newspaper and folding it over so it is 4 pieces thick and one side is open-edged while the other is a fold. Embroider the open-edged side together (through all 4 pieces). Repeat with another two pages of a newspaper as these will be the front panel of the vest (i.e. Where the lapels are).

Next, take two more pages and fold over to make it 4-ply. Next, insert the folded side of one of your front panels into the open-edged side of this new section so there is an inch overlap. Embroider all the layers together in the middle of that one-inch overlap. This is the side panel being attached to the front panel. Repeat with another two pages and the other front panel.

Continue adding panels until you are able to almost wrap it completely around your torso. Once you reach this stage, again take two full pages of a newspaper and fold it over so it is 4-ply but with two folds so the open-edge is actually hidden in the middle. Tape the open-edge down (this will be inside the vest). This new panel is your back panel.

Lay out your two torso pieces and place the back panel along the folded edges of both the torso side pieces such that there is a one-inch gap. Embroider together as with the previous panels. You will end up with one long piece of panelled newspapers.

Fake news costume tutorial

Steps to make the Fake News Costume

Next, wrap the long torso piece around your torso and mark the width of your shoulders and where they fall along the panels. Remove the piece from your body and cut deep U shapes between the marks. When you wrap the torso piece again, raise it as far as you can so that your armpit is in that U shape and you still have range of motion. Adjust as necessary.

Then make lapels by folding the remaining open edges on the front panels. You want triangular folds that are widest near your neck. Feel free to add extra flair like a horizontal slit part way up the lapel.

Now, it is time to add sleeves, or rather straps since this is a fake news vest costume, not a full shirt or jacket. This is where the tape comes in handy. Outline where you want your sleeves with tape attaching it to both the front and back of the vest with the sticky side up and away from your body. Layer newspaper clippings over the tape. You may need double sided tape to fix things up as it tends to attach to newspaper better than duct tape.

Finally, embellish you fake news vest with a large FAKE stamp on the back in red marker, “corrections” and “censoring” throughout the stories and headlines on the vest, or even additional styling options like darts or slits.

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DIY Fake News Costume – Make clothes from newspaper!
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