This paper mache rain cloud craft is a fun way to decorate your home or nursery to reflect more realistic weather! Who needs sunshine and rainbows?

When you think of summertime, you probably think of the sunshine, sandy beaches, and sea shells. While this is a lovely picture, it does not seem to reflect the realities of summer weather where clouds and rain can often take over.

Paper mache rain cloud

This summer in Ottawa, we have had more rainy days than not. This comes both with good and bad things. The good is that rain makes puddles for puddle-jumping, helps make rainbows, and brightens the greenery outside. The bad is rain can lead to massive flooding, loss of crops, and way too many days inside bingeing Netflix. My summer has been characterized by the latter set of circumstances.

So I decided to make my home decor a bit more realistic this year. No seashells or sunny artwork on my mantle, instead, I wanted to capture the season of rain. I decided to use one of my favourite crafting techniques, paper mache, for this project. As it turns out, I have not shared a paper mache project on A Pop of Red so far, and that needs to be fixed…NOW!

Without further ado, here is how you can make a paper mache rain cloud.

Paper mache rain cloud - A Craft Tutorial from A Pop of Red

Paper Mache Rain Cloud


  • Corrugated cardboard
  • 45cm – 60cm of jewelry chain
  • 5 large jump rings
  • Hot glue gun
  • Newspaper strips
  • Paper mache mixture
  • Craft sealer like Mod Podge
  • Paint (grey and white tones)

*You can use either water/white glue mix or water/white flour mix. I prefer the water/white flour mix but actually used glue based for this project. Regardless of which method you use, make to sure to let the paper mache dry thoroughly before applying sealer or paint. If not sufficiently dry, paper mache can mould.

DIY paper mache rain cloud


  1. Cut out two matching cloud shapes from the cardboard to act as the back and bottom of the rain cloud. At the same time, cut several more cardboard pieces into rounded triangles. These will be used to prop up the paper mache and give more volume to the cloud.
  2. Poke five holes through the bottom cloud piece with a pencil or similar object. Make sure the holes are SMALLER than your jump rings.
  3. Cut the jewelry chain into five pieces between 15cm and 20cm long. Add a large jump ring to one end of each chain.
  4. Push the chains through the holes in the bottom cloud piece so that the jump ring rests on what will be the inside of the cloud. If needed, you can tape the jump rings down for extra support.
  5. Use the hot glue gun to attach the back cloud piece to the bottom. Glue on the extra cardboard pieces as well. This is the base for your paper mache shape.
  6. Add newspaper strips to the cloud using basic paper mache. Allow to dry between layers. Approximately three layers of paper will be needed, especially on the front side of the cloud.
  7. Apply a craft sealer to the finished (and fully dried) cloud. This will create a nice base for the paint and ensure the paper mache is sealed.
  8. Paint the cloud with white and grey paints, or some mixture there of. My cloud looks more like a mountain in the pictures, but the shading is more clearly a cloud in real life.
  9. Hang in a suitable location once dry!

DIY paper mache rain cloud

Hint: Put two of these paper mache rain clouds together to make a mobile!

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DIY paper mache rain cloud
Paper Mache Rain Cloud – The perfect craft for a rainy day!
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