Create a simple embroidered flower card using this tutorial and pattern. All you need is cardstock, embroidery thread, and a needle. Who will you make one for?

Simple Embroidered Flower Card

So if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been working on a plush squirrel pattern. I was aiming to have it done for this sewing Craft Challenge, but I still have some kinks to work out. To put it plainly, the back end…well, it doesn’t quite look right. So hold your acorns for that post (terrible, terrible pun) as it will be coming soon!

In the meantime, I’ve been waiting to share this embroidered flower card pattern with you for quite some time. Since embroidery is a type of sewing, I figured it would work perfectly for the challenge!

Craft Challenge

I became fascinated with embroidery after my friend Allison from Symphony and Silk cosplay spent HOURS upon HOURS embroidering details into her costumes. I knew clothing was out of my realm, and I wasn’t a fan of the traditional hoop embroidery, so I looked specifically into paper embroidery.

For paper embroidery, you apply many of the same embroidery techniques but you have the limitation of working on paper, which is a bit less forgiving I find. A misplaced stitch could mean tearing the paper, a pattern with holes too close together could cause breakage, and you use most or all of the floss rather than breaking it down for details. But I was not held back! After some practice, I was off and making cards like nothing!

Why a flower?

This simple embroidered flower card was my first self-drafted pattern for card making. I made it with my Grannie in mind. Since I live so far away from the rest of my family, I find myself dreaming of ways I could show them I care. I do not act on these thoughts often enough, but this time I did.

Why a flower? Because if I were near her I would want to get messy and plant a garden together in the spring. For making sure I don’t forget those childhood days where I gave her a bouquet of dandelions. Because I want to bring her flowers when the snow has covered all the colour they bring. So I can brighten my Grannie’s day, even for just a moment. A card with a flower seems the best way to do this since I cannot be with her all the time.

So Grannie, and I know you read all of these posts, this card is coming your way with all my love for you inside. I love you and I miss you and I cannot wait to visit again soon.

Embroidered Flower Card - Pattern and Tutorial

Simple Embroidered Flower Card


  • 2 sheets of cardstock (one for exterior, one for interior)
  • 135cm/60in of green embroidery floss
  • 90cm/36in of pink/red embroidery floss
  • Large needle
  • Push pins
  • Glue, ideally hot glue or glue dots
  • Simple embroidered flower card pattern (Dropbox/Craftsy)

Pattern Set-Up

First, print out the pattern and place it onto your exterior cardstock. Then, use push pins to create small holes where indicated on the pattern. Each black dot on the pattern should become a hole on your cardstock.


Now, using the pattern and the finished photo as a guide, start by making the long stem. Cut a piece of green embroidery floss to a length of 45cm/18in and thread the needle making sure there is a knot at the end (threading and knotting are assumed for the rest of this tutorial). From the underside of the cardstock, come up through the second hole from the bottom of the stem. From there, do a back stitch until the stem is complete.

Then, move onto the leaves. Cut three lengths of embroidery floss to a length of 25cm/12in. Starting at the top of each leaf, come up through the bottom of the top most hole and alternate stitches left and right working your way down to the stem until the leaf is complete. The first three stitches will all go through the first middle hole. The remaining middle holes will take one stitch from each side.

Finish off the greenery with the smaller stem. Cut a length of embroidery floss to a length of 15cm/6in and sew the smaller stem in the same method as the larger one.

Finally, make your flowers using any colour embroidery floss you choose. Red and pink work well on brown cardstock. Cut the floss to a length of 45cm/18in. Starting one hole to the right of the stem, come up from underneath and use the back stitch to trace the flower outline. At the base of each petal, the first dot outward from the base will be the connection point to the next flower. This means the needle will pass through that hole 3 times, so be careful not to pull too hard and strain the paper around these points.

Finishing Touches

Once you have completed the embroidery, you need to cover the not-so-pretty backside of the design. This is the inside of the card. Glue another piece of cardstock inside the newly designed one to cover up the backside.

And voila! You can write your message and mail the card!

Flower card pattern

You can see Megan’s straightener bag sewing tutorial here. It is a quick and easy idea that will give you many more options that whatever bag your flat iron came with!

A note on Craftsy: I use Craftsy as a host for my downloads because of the quality of their website. They are a great place to find both free and paid patterns for various crafts (especially sewing). They also have courses you can take to learn new skills. I use and promote Craftsy because I use their website, courses, and patterns all the time. I also receive commissions for purchases made on Craftsy if you bought after clicking a link on my blog, learn more about affiliate sales here.

Embroidered Flower Card – A simple way to show you care
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