Get sweet this summer with fresh strawberry sandwiches. You don’t need jam to have a fruit filled lunch, go fresh with this recipe!

Sweet strawberry sandwiches - a great summer lunch or treat

My grandmother was a sweet woman. She volunteered with her church, quilted baby blankets and large quilts for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and even helped those further away by doing child sponsorship. But the sweetest part about grandma had to be her diet.

My Gramma, as I call her, really was a sweet, honest and loving person. I miss her, as does my whole family. I am sure when we think of her we remember all the great things she has done, all the fun visits, the inspiring community involvement. But I also bet some of us will remember her stubbornness when it came to her sweets.

Now Gramma knew she shouldn’t have too many sweets, but she was not going to give up some of her mainstays from her Dutch upbringing: hagelslag and strawberry sandwiches. Now, I posted about hagelslag, or chocolate hail sandwiches back in October last year and now it is time (being summer and all) to introduce you to my Gramma’s other sweet sandwich. Strawberry sandwiches.

Strawberry sandwiches are exactly what they sound like. Strawberries and bread. But to make these just right you need to know the details.

Delicious strawberry sandwiches and so simple too

You have to have nice, plump, fresh berries. These sandwiches are best in the middle of the summer when you get some great local harvests. Slice the berries about a half a centimeter thick and you have one of two main ingredients ready to go!

For bread, you NEED white bread and it HAS TO BE white bread. Why? Well, when I ate this sandwich as a kid it always reminded me of strawberry shortcake. The white bread holds a different taste from whole wheat that just lends itself to the idea of a sweet treat. Trust me. When I made it as an adult with my usual whole wheat bread, I was sorely disappointed because it just is not the same as what Gramma used to make.

Now, if you are eating this sandwich right away (and it is best when eaten immediately), just lay your strawberries right onto the bread so that they slightly overlap each other. But, if you want to save this sweet lunch for a picnic in the sun, then add a small layer of butter on the bread first. This will simply keep the strawberries from making your bread soggy. No one but the ducks like soggy bread.

The final piece to your strawberry sandwiches is sugar. That’s right. Straight up white refined sugar. Take a pinch or two of sugar and sprinkle it over the berries. This enhances the sweetness but also gives a slight glaze after the sugar mixes with the moistness of the berries.

And that is it! That is how you make sweet strawberry sandwiches.

I wonder if I can become as sweet a lady as Gramma just by eating some chocolate hail and strawberry sandwiches…

Not a chance, but I am going to keep eating them anyways!

Strawberry Sandwiches Recipe - A Pop of Red

Strawberry Sandwiches

1-2 slices of white bread
4-8 fresh strawberries
1-2 pinches of white sugar
Butter, optional

Slice the strawberries into ½ centimeter slices and lay onto bread. Butter bread first if waiting to eat but best if eaten right away without the butter.

Sprinkle the berries with sugar.

Enjoy the burst of flavour and sweetness from your strawberry sandwich!

Strawberry Sandwiches – A sweet addition to summer
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2 thoughts on “Strawberry Sandwiches – A sweet addition to summer

  • August 9, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Thanks for sharing your grandma’s recipe. I’d never before heard of strawberry sandwiches, so I’m intrigued…
    I’m Samina, and I “met” you tonight on the Sewing Blab. Looking forward to making strawberry sandwiches.

    • August 14, 2016 at 11:15 am

      They are delicious and so simple. I definitely recommend trying them at least to understand how the flavours play together.

      Thanks for stopping by after the Blab! Looking forward to seeing more of the Pericrafters group.


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