Today I am showing you how to make some simple wire garden markers. They are made with two pieces: a wire stand and a paper sign. This tutorial will show you how to make the stand and I am giving you a free printable set of signs with some herb names.

DIY Wire Garden Markers



Personally, I only grow edible plants and always from seed (I’m picky). This year that means oregano, chives, basil, potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes. I may add a few more root vegetables if I find the space in or around my apartment.

Being in a rented apartment means I have limitations on digging up the backyard, overfilling the balcony with planters, building raised beds, etc. So, I’ve learned to work with my space. I have a windowsill herb garden (built by my husband), three planters on the balcony, and a small garden just for the green beans in the backyard.

I’m also planning to experiment with some new growing methods (mainly vertical gardens and window gardens) this year. So if you have any recommendations, send them to me!

Garden Marker Tutorial from A Pop of Red

Anyways, no matter what I grow or where it can be really tough to remember which plants are which when they are seeds or seedlings. There are so few defining characteristics of those little sprouts of green. So, garden markers help keeps things straight, at least until the plants look like their respective edible item.

After having trouble finding a set of garden markers with just the plant names I needed, I decided to make my own and share! So, here is how to make your wire garden marker stands!

DIY Garden Marker Holders with Wire

Wire Garden Markers


DIY Garden Marker Holders with Wire

  1. Cut off a length of wire between 15 and 30 centimetres long.
  2. Sand both ends to make them rounded and safer to handle.
  3. Use the pliers to create a small circle at one end.
  4. Continue adding to the circle by placing the current loop flat inside the pliers and pulling the remaining wire around it. Shift the pliers as needed and continue until you have done about 5-6 loops to create a spiral shape.
  5. Add an extra bend by hand or with the pliers so that the long end of the wire garden marker is centred at the base of the spiral.
  6. Cut out your desired sign and slide it into the spiral.
  7. Stick the long end of the wire garden markers into the soil and you are done!DIY Garden Marker Holders with Wire

And that is that! Let me know what you are growing this year in the comments below. Maybe I will get some ideas for next year.

Wire Garden Markers Craft with FREE Printable Signs!
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