Organize your scarves with a DIY cardboard and fabric scarf organizer! Using some scraps for your craft room you can create a useful item for your closet.

Scarf Hanger made from Cardboard

This month, I was busy. But not just run of the mill busy. So busy I was STRESSED.

This doesn’t happen a lot for me. I’m an easy-going person and am usually able to manage my tasks quite well both at home and at work with ease. It is a skill that I am happy to have!

But everyone has those times when they get run down and this was one of mine. My day job threw some curveballs my way involving issues in an area I am not familiar with. I found myself running into dead-end after dead-end or question after question with no resolution in sight.

I got worn down.

After a one-on-one with my manager where I expressed my concerns about the workload and told him about my high level of stress, we were able to create a plan to tackle the big issues. It still wasn’t easy, but it helped. A LOT! (Thanks, boss)

Aside from that, I was making sure to take time at home to do some of the activities that I find stress-relieving. I chose one of the tasks that help me make sense of even the toughest times: cleaning, decluttering, and bingeing minimalism videos!

I’m serious! I find cleaning VERY relaxing. These chores only become more relaxing when they solved another issue inadvertently…they gave me inspiration for this month’s Craft Challenge!

Craft Challenge

While I was cleaning, I found my collection of scarves. Or rather, collections. They were in big piles in my room, my coat closet, my winter gear. Just a mishmash of random strips of coloured cloth with no organization to speak of.

I decided to make something that would decrease the space they took up in my house and also made them easier to see. A scarf organizer!

Better yet, because we are doing a scrap busting challenge, I made a DIY cardboard and fabric scarf organizer. It tackles two of my biggest scrap collections: cardboard and fabric! Plus it used up some spare duct tape and fabric glue I had lying around. Not only did this craft help organize my scarves, it cut down on my stash, WIN-WIN!

Anyways, let’s cut the story there (I am still a busy woman!) and get onto the tutorial!

DIY Cardboard and Fabric scarf organizer

DIY Cardboard scarf organizer


  • Cardboard, roughly 28cm by 36cm
  • Fabric strips
  • Paper Cutter
  • Fabric Glue
  • Pencil
  • Duct Tape or String

Cardboard Scarf Organizer


  1. Grab a piece of corrugated cardboard roughly 28cm by 36cm.
  2. Trace the shape of your scarf organizer onto the cardboard with pencil. You will be drawing three rows of circles, the first row with 4 circles, the next with 3 circles, and the last with 4 again. These are the holders for your scarves.
  3. Measure each circle scarf organizer to 10-12cm diameter on the outer rim, and 8cm on the inner rim. The larger the distance between the inner and outer rim, the stronger your organizer will be BUT the less space for scarves to fit in the holders.
  4. Draw a rectangle on the top of each circle on the upper most row. This will be used to wrap around your hanger and holder the organizer in place.
  5. Cut out the design with a paper cutter.
  6. Wrap the scarf organizers with strips of fabric until the cardboard is covered. You may need to add small dollops of fabric glue to stop any unravelling/unwrapping.
  7. Attach the scarf organizer to a hanger by folding the rectangular strips at the top around the rod of the hanger and sealing with tape. You may also sew the strips closed or tie them. I used duct tape for added strength and colour.

DIY Cardboard Scarf Organizer

It does take some time to cut out the scarf organizer and wrap it with fabric, but I managed to do this in a single afternoon (with breaks!). So a quick and easy craft for sure!

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Organize with a scarf hanger

DIY Scarf Organizer from Cardboard and Fabric
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    Looooove this! I had never thought of using cardboard. You’re brilliant.

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