Create falling leaves wire earrings with some copper wire for a DIY piece of jewelry to transition to fall.

Wire earring tutorial
There are three things you need to know going into this post:

  1. It is almost fall! The time of changing leaves, pumpkins, and spooky Halloween fun.
  2. I am officially addicted to crafting with wire from little jewelry pieces to huge wall art.
  3. So for this month’s craft challenge I combined both of these things!

That’s right! This month the Craft Challenge theme was “Autumn.” The first thing I did to prepare for this challenge was run to the craft store and buy copper wire. I had my mind set on making some kind of copper-toned jewelry piece that mimics the red tones of the fall leaves.

Craft Challenge

I came up with both a necklace and earring design. The necklace I sent to Dawn at Duelling Designs as part of her monthly design challenge. Everyone got to vote for me making that design or a pair of tail light earrings similar to the necklace and bracelet I made in the past. The necklace didn’t win, so I may make it in the future for my blog.

In the meantime, falling leaves wire earrings are what I decided to make for the craft challenge!

The design is pretty simple and is made from a single piece of wire (plus a few earring bits). With so few parts, this is a great beginner project for those wanting to try wire work. So give it a go!

Create your own leaf earrings wire copper wire - a craft tutorial

Falling Leaves Wire Earrings


  • 15 cm of copper wire
  • 6 jump rings
  • 2 fish hook earring blanks
  • Pliers and wire cutters


  1. Draw your leaf design on a piece of paper to size. Start with the stem of the leaf which will be one loose end of the wire, go into the edges of the leaf, then end with the inner vein of the leaf which will be the other loose end. See pictures for help.
  2. Sand down the ends of your wire before starting to get rid of any sharp bits!
  3. Using the drawing as a guide, bend your wire (by hand or with pliers) to match the shape. You can also pinch the wire in the tight turns using the pliers for a tighter design.
  4. At the stem end, make a loop from the loose end of wire.
  5. Attach a jump ring to this loop, then attach the jump rings to each other in a line, then to the earring blank.
  6. Just like that, you have a DIY falling leaves earring made of wire!

Falling Leaves Wire Earrings

And of course, this project was a part of the Craft Challenge, so you need to go over to Megan’s post at Make Something Mondays. Her leaf relief painting is one of my favourite crafts from her blog so far! It is just beautiful…don’t believe me? Then click HERE to go see it!

P.S. I don’t have my ears pierced, so I cannot even wear these. Thank you for all my earring wearing friends who gave input on them because I needed the expertise!

Falling Leaves Wire Earrings – Quick and easy earrings
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2 thoughts on “Falling Leaves Wire Earrings – Quick and easy earrings

  • August 29, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    These are super cute! I love the leaf design you came up with. I’m totally make these 🙂

    • September 2, 2016 at 7:09 am

      Thanks Megan! I debated what kind of leaf to make for a while and it was down to maple leaf or a simple leaf like this. Decided this would be best for a DIY earring. Be sure to share a picture if you make them!

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