Two things to celebrate today:

  1. It’s time for another Craft Challenge!
  2. I’m going to be an aunt by the new year!

I have to say, I think the second one has me a little more excited. Reasonable? I think so.

Create your own fish stuffed animal - free patternWith a new family member on the way I get to think about baby related things especially things I can DIY. When my step-sister had her baby she requested I make her an infinity scarf that could be used as a nursing cover. No problem. My real sister has not really said any specific thing yet so I am looking around for ideas on my own.

And the first idea was perfect for today’s Craft Challenge: a DIY Clown Fish Plushie.

Craft Challenge

You see, my sister is a teacher and also a very practical person. This has led her to wanting all animal related toys for her baby to be realistic. No pink cats, no elephants with ears bigger than their bodies, and no dogs flying airplanes (sorry Snoopy). So, I set out to make a realistic toy.

Now there are lots of animals to choose from and I may make more after this, but to start I chose a fish. Why? Well, there seems to be a lack of DIY realistic fish toys.

Maybe it’s because it is harder to make believe play in an ocean? Maybe fish are not as interesting as other animals? Maybe it’s the lack of appendages? Who knows? All I know is that after seeing a lack of fish I knew I wanted to give people an option.

And voila, now YOU can make a DIY Clown Fish Plushie using my pattern!

DIY clown fish with free pattern

DIY Clown Fish Plushie


  • A fat quarter’s worth of two colours of fabric. That is 18” x 22” of fabric TOTAL.
  • The pattern
  • Shears/Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Buttons (2)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing machine (optional, makes it fast)


*These steps are printed in the pattern as well.

  1. Cut all pattern pieces and fabric to match. The head and tail pieces should be the same colour, all else is to your discretion.
  2. Sew the two head pieces together (right side of fabric to right side). DO NOT sew along the long flat side.
  3. Attach body pieces 2 and 3 being sure to include the side fins in the seam (place fin in between 2 and 3 when right sides are together then sew). DO NOT sew the top (short edge) of 2 and 3.
  4. Sew closed the short ends of the dorsal fin then flip right side out.
  5. Pin the dorsal fin to the top of 2 and 3 with right sides together. Sew this edge closed to form a tube.
  6. Attach body piece 4 to 3. Right sides together and not sewing the top again.
  7. Attach body piece 5 to 4. Right sides together and not sewing the top again. Also, DO NOT sew the tail end (short edge) of 5 closed, this space is for the tail fin.
  8. Sew the top line of 4 and 5 closed adding to your “tube” shaped body.
  9. Sew the tail fin into the end of body piece 5. Be sure the body tube is inside out when doing this with the tail hidden inside. Invert the fish and make sure the tail sticks out as it should.
  10. Sew the head onto to the body with right sides together. Be sure to leave a small opening to flip the fish right side out (you will likely need to invert it while sewing the head on).
  11. Stuff the fish then sew closed the opening.
  12. Sew on a button eye to each side and use the embroidery thread to stitch in a mouth.

That’s it! Your fish is ready to play.

DIY Clown Fish Plushie

I made three of these fish and noticed huge improvements each time so do not worry if you make one and it isn’t quite right. It will work out!

Also, seeing as this is my first sewing pattern I would love some feedback and suggestions. Let me know what you think of it in the comments or on social media. I hosted it on Craftsy as another blogger who specializes in sewing really recommended it. It allows you to save the pattern, go back to it at any time, and share your finished product.

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DIY Clown Fish Plushie with Free Pattern – #CraftChallenge 2015
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