Need new art for spring? Create some pastel word art in just 5 minutes! With just oil pastels, canvas, tape and some sealer, you have some new wall art.

How to make Pastel Word Art - An A Pop of Red Tutorial

This month for the Craft Challenge, I am sharing some pastel word art! Before I get into the tutorial (scroll down for that), let me tell you that this month’s material for the challenge showed me exactly WHY it was in my craft stash to begin with!

Craft Challenge

In my Facebook Live video for March, I selected art supplies for the challenge material. I confessed right away that most of my art supplies were from high school when I was considering an art career, specifically interior design. That career path didn’t work out for me but the art supplies I collected hung around.

I have had those supplies for over 6 years!

Well, this month I finally had a chance to tackle at least some of those stashed art supplies. I knew I wanted to work with the pastels or charcoal as they were never my medium of choice. Too messy!

Art tutorial - Oil pastel word art

At first, I wanted to cut up the oil pastel sticks and charcoal sticks to make some sort of pixelism art. But they proved too difficult – and messy – to cut. I asked on Instagram and people agreed that some kind of art would be the best choice, so I kept thinking about it. I played around with some new techniques like pencil/pastel mixes, pastel on glue, dusted pastels. None of them worked the way I envisioned.

So I switched tactics.

I thought to myself, what is a common type of art or decor that I just don’t have yet. Now, that is a big list, but one thing really stood out: word art. After one experiment, I was sold!

Now I get to share my new oil pastel word art with you! An easy 5-minute craft that can use up any old oil pastels and allow you to create some amazing wall art.

Pastel Word Art - 5 Minute Wall Decor Craft

5-Minute Pastel Word Art


  • Canvas, any size
  • Oil pastels in sticks
  • Tape or sticky letters
  • Blending tool (sponge, paper towel, or just use your fingers)
  • Spray fixative, like this
  • A word!


  1. First, select the word or design you want to remain white (or the colour of your canvas). Mark it out using tape on the canvas or place sticky letters on the canvas to make it even easier. I just roughly marked mine out with the tape.
  2. Select the colours you want for the background. I suggest 3-4 different oil pastel colours ranging from dark to light.
  3. Then, partially cover the canvas in the oil pastels (as pictured below). Starting with the darkest colour, roughly shade in random patches of the canvas. Repeat with the remaining colours until the canvas is nearly filled with pastels.DIY Pastel Word Art
  4. Next, blend the pastel colours together. Again, started with the darkest colour and move from the edge of the canvas inward. Repeat with the remaining colours.
  5. An additional round of blending is suggested to fix any blunders and remove any pastel build up from around the tape. For this second round, blend from the middle of the canvas outwards.
  6. Now, remove the tape carefully and marvel at your new pastel word art!

Lets make pastel word art - Craft Challenge


Of course, with pastels, the downside is always dust, but we have a fix for that! Normally, pastel dust falls off with any amount of movement, no matter how well you blend or how little is on the canvas. But, if you spray a layer of pastel fixative (not real price! It was $16 at Michael’s) on the finished design, it will stay put! Be sure to follow all instructions on the packaging and again, I recommend the Sennelier D’Artigny brand as it seems to be most used by pastel artists.

I enjoyed the pastel word art craft so much, I made two! One says DARE which is a word I have used a lot lately to keep me motivated to keep making changes in my life and career. The other says GROW and is going to be part of my spring mantle and eventually will find a home near my new indoor herb garden.

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Pastel Word Art – An easy 5-minute craft! – #CraftChallenge
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